EFONGA is a Coordination Action in the field of glass science and technology, which aims at co-ordinating all European groups working in fundamental and applied pre-competitive research. The groups involved in the project are already operative and they have co-operated for many years within the framework of the European Group of the International Commission on Glass. EFONGA works in the following fields: basic knowledge of glassy materials, relation structure-properties, setting-up of new methods for the characterisation of glassy materials, preparation of reference materials. Among the most important goals is the development of basic knowledge in the chemistry of glasses, in order to create new glasses and new glasses applications, in particular nano-structured glass materials. Another important goal is the improvement of the chemical composition and production processes of glasses in order to reduce as much as possible the impact on environment. Also, EFONGA will develop the support to the European standardisation bodies at the co-normative and pre-normative level, and will act in the preparation of critical reference materials (CRM).

Steering Committee

Prof R Vacher, Montpellier University

Dr R Akçakaya, Sisecam, Turkey
Dr K Bange, Schott, Germany
Dr F Nicoletti, SSV, Italy
Dr J M Parker, Sheffield University

Annual Reports for 2006 and 2007
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2006 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report

Student workshop

A workshop for research students took place in Montpellier from 4-5th May 2009. The programme is available together with the overhead presentations.